Glowdeck sources for iOS/Android/macOS apps; firmware; bootloader; PCB layout; CAD/CAM

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Glowdeck design, engineering, and code resources.

DIRECTORY DESCRIPTION PLATFORM ——————- ————————– ——————- Glowdeck_3D 3D models of the product Rhino Glowdeck_ARM Firmware source code Arduino/embedXcode Glowdeck_Android Mobile app for consumers Android Studio Glowdeck_Bootloader Bootloader source code CodeWarrior Glowdeck_CAM CNC paths for milling case VCarve/AutoCAD Glowdeck_iOS Mobile app for consumers Xcode 8.2 (Swift 3) Glowdeck_macOS Desktop firmware updater Xcode 8.2 (Swift 3) Glowdeck_PCB_Layout Layout source for board Eagle 7.0.0 Glowdeck_Updaters Tools for updating modules Various Glowdeveloper_iOS Mobile app for developers Xcode 8.2 (Swift 3) Custom Arduino app bundle macOS 10.10+ Builds Archive of previous builds Various